FOREVER – 30 Days of Gratitude Promotion

In my photo organizing business, I learn about a lot about photo organizing and sharing websites and apps but there are very few that I use myself and recommend to clients.  When I first learned about FOREVER, I was a little apprehensive of their promise of keeping your photos “forever” but now two years later, I love the website and the app and want to share with EVERYONE.thanks

A few of the reasons I like FOREVER!

1-You can set up the App to automatically back up all the phone photos that you take. (no worry that pictures are gone if you lose your phone)

2-You can pick who you share my photos with, and anyone with an account, can download the photos in full resolution.

3-You retain all ownership rights to your photos. It’s amazing what the fine print is on so many other websites.

4-You can tag your photos with about anything, making it easy to see groups of photos all at once. For example, I have a tag for the important people in my life and I hit that tag and see all the pictures of Anderson (my son) for example easily.

Here is a link on how to use Forever!

You can set up a free account at The free account has room for 1 GB of storage. If you choose to purchase more storage or any other products for FOREVER in the future, please chose Lisa Tonjes Moritz as your Ambassador!

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